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“I can not thank you enough for the fast response E-3 Systems provided us to meet our customer’s needs. You guys have dealt with the problem as if it were your own.”

David Moussa

Equipment Enclosures

E-3 Systems provides AT&T, Comcast and other ILEC, CLEC and Bell companies with outside plant (OSP) / remote terminal, head-end or secondary hub buildings/enclosures. We manufacture the PTS-100 huts which are widely recognized and deployed within AT&T and Comcast as remote terminals, head-end or hub site buildings for their superior functional and aesthetic qualities. E-3 Systems’ complementary products include CEVs, CECs and our ECS-1000 environmental control and alarm monitoring system. These complementary products give E-3 Systems an unrivaled value added presence in the industry.

Providing environmental control and alarm monitoring for your telecom facilities is a top priority at E-3 Systems. Our enclosures are engineered to assure dependable protection against environmental elements and unauthorized entry. An integral feature of our PTS-100 huts is our ECS-l000™ Environmental Control & Alarm Monitoring System. Setting a new standard in the industry, the interactive microprocessor-controlled ECS-1000™ is a breakthrough for remote facility and equipment surveillance. The system interactively monitors and controls conditions in remote terminals. With its interactive dial-up communication, activity logging and automatic alarm reporting capabilities, the ECS-1000™ meets or exceeds all requirements of Bellcore’s Technical Reference GR-27.
 PTS-100 Hut
Turnkey installation becomes a telecom transport and distribution node.

Head-End and Data Center
A telecom transport & distribution node, being set after staging & equip. installation.
Top section being set over base section in trench.
The ECS-1000™ Environmental Control & Alarm Monitoring is available for installation in your new or existing telecom remote terminal or outside plant facilities.
Offered with equipment enclosures as well as for retrofit applications.

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