“I can not thank you enough for the fast response E-3 Systems provided us to meet our customer’s needs. You guys have dealt with the problem as if it were your own.”

David Moussa

Case Study: AT&T Transport (EF&I)

Customer: AT&T Broadband (Soon to become Comcast)
Site Location: 2200 19th Ave. San Francisco
Site Dimensions: 55’x27’ Square footage: 1,485sqft. Site
Type: Master Head End
AT&T Broadband recently had acquired giant cable provider TCI. During the realignment and merging of both companies, one being a phone provider and the other cable television, the decision to build a master head end rested upon the hands of our current customer Melvin Summage of Comcast. He was tasked with the build out of this master head end in a short period of time and lacked the knowledge to do so, however, working closely with E-3 Systems, he knew that we could help with this enormous project.

The scope of work was to build out 1,485 square feet of iron work with two levels of 20” cable ladder rack for power cable and switch board cable, along with a 4” fiber management system. Specific materials needed were one 10,000 amp backup DC power plant consisting of 4 BDFB’s, 4 GNB 100A-29 battery strings, distribution bay and 2 rectifier bays, 20 equipment cabinets, one halo ground system, two OSE-HD’S and one dedicated AC circuit for each cabinet.

Two months was given as a deadline to all the AT&T Broadband project managers to start the migration implementation phase of transferring all remote nodes, sub-hubs, and OTN’s.

E-3 Systems responded quickly using all the expertise the company had to offer. Early the next morning the site was surveyed to develop the blue prints and the BOM. Within 2 days a proposal was presented to Melvin for his review and approval. Upon deliberating for 3 days Melvin and his team approved our proposal.

During the 3 days that Melvin and his team deliberated, our engineers were busy plotting out the blue prints and completing the spec’s as well as the BOM. With an approved contract on file all the material was ordered and expedited from each vendor. Because of the short period of time all material was shipped directly to the worksite. With an eight man crew working 8 hours a day the master head end construction began.

3 weeks into the project the iron work and fiber management system and the installation of the DC power plant began. After two weeks passed the DC power plant was up and running and the equipment cabinets were ready for installation. 7 weeks into the project the master head end was completed and the equipment burning test was just about ready to receive real live traffic.

By the end of the 8th week the migration of all live circuits began. The AT&T Broadband staff was very satisfied with E-3 System’ s performance in being able to complete construction of the master head end with a very short lead time.
AT&T Cabling

AT&T Cabling

AT&T Cabling
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