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Case Studies

“Your team stepped up to meet our aggressive schedule and did a great job with our new space. Thank you so much!”

Kevin Droege

Case Study: LinkedIn Structured Cabling

Graybar is an E-3 Systems distribution partner that approached us with a problem they needed to solve for one of their top Bay area customers, LinkedIn. LinkedIn was growing rapidly and needed to move in to a new space that was vacated by the previous tenant but who left all of their voice and data cabling in place. LinkedIn wanted to move the server room to a new location and upgrade all of the voice and data cabling, which meant that all of the old cabling would need to be removed and replaced and a new server room constructed. These are services that E-3 Systems regularly provides to its clients, however, LinkedIn needed the project to be finished within five weeks and before a Thanksgiving holiday.

“Can you do it, even with Thanksgiving approaching?” asked Kevin Droege, Director of Corporate IT for LinkedIn.

The E-3 Systems Project Management team closely evaluated the project scope and necessary resources and determined that the project could be completed on time. Project planning and implementation are areas where E-3 Systems excels and the team was confident in meeting LinkedIn's goals.

Demolition started the very next day and construction meetings were scheduled with key stakeholders to coordinate activity and establish project milestones. Graybar delivered the material during the demolition phase which was completed three days ahead of schedule. A team of ten E-3 Systems technicians worked six-day weeks and ten-hour days to build the new server room and install the new voice and data infrastructure. The focus was on meeting individual project milestones with an adequate number of highly trained technicians and real-time communications between onsite and offsite Project Management to ensure an adequate supply of resources throughout the course of the project.

The E-3 Systems team worked methodically and expeditiously to complete the project successfully and on time. Both LinkedIn and Graybar reflected that E-3 Systems did an outstanding job.
Linkedin Cabling

Linkedin Cabling

Linkedin Cabling
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