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XO Communications

“Both installation technicians were very professional and their worked matched. I do not contract out much work, but will be including E-3 Systems in all projects needed bids in the future, thanks!”

Doug Pointdexter
XO Communications

Case Study: County Jail Structured Cabling

During the month of February of 2007, a local county approached E-3 Systems with an unusual problem. There was a need to install a new radio deployment system in the inmate housing control units at the county jail. The problem was that there was an existing multi-mode backbone and no conduit space for any additional fiber. The county asked E-3 Systems to explore alternate routes and come up with an idea to install a new network backbone.

E-3 Systems was able to find some alternate routes, and although it added length to the overall fiber run, it also saved the count approximately $50,000.00 in additional conduit work, not to mention the cost of moving inmates during the work. E-3 Systems also proposed increasing the single mode fiber strand count to protect against future growth.

E-3 Systems completed the project ahead of schedule which enabled the jail to deploy the new communications system quicker than originally planned. This allows the staff to be more productive and to communicate with the housing units from a remote location without having to dispatch an officer every time.

Matt from the county stated that the completed made it easier to let him and his staff concentrated on more pressing issues.

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